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 Christelle Desangles - Artist Painter - Between sky and stars


I am a French artist with my feet on the ground and head still in the stars.


I like to think my artwork leaves room for the imagination to reach an emotional state in which everyone feels in his/her own way. To read one of my paintings, one must seek to go beyond the image, beyond ourselves.


My painting is inspired by what is most dear to me: music, space, the cosmos and its stars.

Above all, it is about emotion. When I look up at the sky and I look at this vastness, this perfect beauty, I'm touched deep within myself.

It is said that we are all stardust, and I like to imagine what that is like. We are so small in the middle of this immensity.


The cosmos is made of galaxies and nebulae … by themselves, they are the most beautiful works of art that nobody will ever create. A mystery, a wonderful gift, if you take the time to look up at the sky.


My painting is generally guided by the sound of music, and I give it color and movement. The music accompanies me, guides, me and inspires me.


Music and painting have always been part of me, an essential complement to my creations. I cannot separate them. Music is my breath. It speaks to my heart and reaches the depths of my soul. It guides my hands, and I give color to the sound I hear.


Come sense all the sensations…and enjoy…


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